Store Policy



- Buyer and Seller should find a place to meet in person (ex: commons, Friday 3:30) to exchange both money and clothing item at the same time

- It's the Seller's responsibility to check for any imperfections in the clothing item before finalizing the purchase (this is why it's so important to meet in person with the buyer)

- Any transactions not conducted in this way will not be EcoFabulous’ responsibility


- If the seller finds the clothing item damaged after the buyer returns it, two things can happen:

- If the seller did not publicly announce or note the quality of the clothing item, that is their fault and the buyer does not hold responsibility 

- If the seller stated that their clothing item was in perfect condition before they rented it out and then they find it damaged, the buyer must cover 100% of the original cost.

- For what to do in a specific situation, check out the FAQ page

- If the clothing item is lost before the buyer can return it to the seller, the buyer must cover 100% of the original cost.

- Rental pieces not returned to the seller within exactly 3 weeks will be deemed lost and the buyer must cover 100% of the original cost.

Privacy & Safety

I want to keep EcoFabulous as stress-free and safe as possible, so if you see someone trying to scam you or others, please let me know ASAP. You can do this by:

- leaving a review here

- DMing @ecoglamorous

- emailing